Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Thank you for using ZEALOT Bluetooth stereo headset. This manual
will help you start quickly and get the best performance of headset.

What can be done with the headphone?

1 .Have wireless hands-free conversations with the compatible Bluetooth

2. Listen to music in a wireless way with the phone that supports
Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) and control music by the headphone.

3. Switch music and calls through the button.

Bluetooth wireless technology

By using the device's Bluetooth technology, it can transfer data in a
wireless way within a 10-metre-high distance. Bluetooth stereo headp-
hone is universal and can be used along with most of phones that have
Bluetooth function.


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Wireless bluetooth Headphone

Part name

Last song / Volume+

Start using

Charge the headphone

When you finish using the power of headphone and charge the head-
phone for the first time, the indicator will light long and the red indicator
will go out after fully charged.

Low battery indicator

When the power is low, the prompt will remind you to charge.


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English Wireless Bluetooth Headphone


1 .Before charging please check whether the charger model is
suitable for this product.

2.Do not use the product when charging, it is recommended to
charge the headphone every month.

3.Do not throw this product into water or fire.

4.Do not use this product when driving.

Warm prompt

Keep using around your mobile phone

Bluetooth works between your phone and headphone, which is the
straight line without blocking range about 10 meters, beyond this
distance it may appear to decline in sound quality and lost

How to reconnect

1 .Your headphone will attempt to reconnect the lost link.

2.If the headphone does not attempt to re link, please press the main
button once or manually reconnect by the phone’s Bluetooth device

Product specification

• Transmission distance: 10m

• Frequency response: 20Hz-20 KHz

• Dimensions: 164*80*180mm

• Operating voltage: 3.7v

Speaker: 320
SNR: >80dB
Weight: 212g

Distortion: <1%




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Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Product function

1* Startup/Shutdown

Startup : push the starting key to "ON"
Shutdown : push the starting key to "OFF"



2S Mode conversion



Long press: switch Bluetooth, radio and
card mode.

3% Bluetooth connection



k______ J

After the startup, it will enter
Bluetooth mode. When
searching automatically, the
indicator will flash.

4, Bluetooth music



Open the mobile phone's Bluetooth
device, search the device name "B19"
and click on the connection, the
indicator will light long after realizing
a successful connection.

Under the state of successful connection to Bluetooth, you can open
the player to play music at this moment.



Click: last song
Long press : volume+




Click: next song
Long press : volume-




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Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Product function

5s Bluetooth call



Under the Bluetooth state, if there is a telephone

intervention, click the phone key to answer; During calling, click the
phone key to end; long press the phone key to reject an
incoming call; double-click the phone key to call back the
Call Button |ast outgoing number in the call records of redialing.

6% FM mode

7% TF mode



Insert TF card into the card slot of Headset, the headset will enter the TF
card mode and play songs automatically. Short press’* ** key to
switch on the last or next song and long press this key to adjust the volume

8% AUX mode



Insert 3.5mm radio cable and the other end can connect with the audio
interfaces of computer, mobile phone or other digital products.

9, Self-timer



Under the Bluetooth state, double-click the" M / ► II" key for self-timer.
(Phones with Android system need to set the volume key as shutter






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English Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

The answer to Question


Possible reasons


Bluetooth speaker cannot
be started

Battery power is very low.

Charging the Bluetooth

There is no connection
with the mobile phone.

Bluetooth is cancelled.

Start the Bluetooth function
on the mobile phone and
then open the speaker

Mobile phone cannot find
the speaker.

The speaker may not be in
the pairing mode.

According to the method
described above, the
speaker is placed in the
pairing mode.

Redial function does not

Your mobile phone may not
support this function.


The speaker connected to
the phone that supports
Bluetooth speaker, but it
only can play music on the

Phone may have the speaker
or speaker option to listen to

Phone may have the
information about how the
music is moved to the
speaker in the user's guide of
advisory telephone.


Extremely loud music can drown out
sound of traffic or other danger signals.
Make sure you can always hear what is
going on around you.

X The contents of this manual and the specifications of     

this product are subject to change without prior notice. V, rJhS ;




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