English Wireless bluetooth Headphone

The answer to Question


Possible reasons


Bluetooth speaker cannot
be started

Battery power is very low.

Charging the Bluetooth

There is no connection
with the mobile phone.

Bluetooth is cancelled.

Start the Bluetooth function
on the mobile phone and
then open the speaker

Mobile phone can not find
the speaker.

The speaker may not be in
the pairing mode.

According to the method
described above, the
speaker is placed in the
pairing mode.

Redial function does not

Your mobile phone may not
support this function.


The speaker connected to
the phone that supports
Bluetooth speaker, but it
only can play music on the

Phone may have the speaker
or speaker option to listen to

Phone may have the
information about how the
music is moved to the
speaker in the user's guide of
advisory telephone.


Extremely loud music can drown out
sound of traffic or other danger signals.
Make sure you can always hear what is
going on around you.

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