Model : Sonoff S26

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Input voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Max. load: 220V 10A
WiFi standard: 2.4GHz b/g/n


Checklist before using the device

• Your smart phone or tablet has
connected to a 2.4G WiFi with internet.

• You have the correct WiFi password.

• Your smart phone or tablet must have
access to APP Store, Google Play.

• Make sure your router is MAC-open.

S26 Rooter Server AndroitMOS

User Guide

0 Start with “EWelink” APP.

O EWelink

Download on the AppStore or Google Play

0 Register an EWelink account.

0 If you have EWelink account, just log in.



0 Plug S26 into power socket, power
The green WiFi LED will blink.



Solid red or blue:

The socket is turned on.
Flashing green rapidly:
SoftAP to be paired.
Solid green:

Online to be controlled.

Pairing button/Manual switch
Press to turn ON or OFF.
Press and hold for 7 seconds
for SoftAP to be paired.

Press and hold the button for
seconds until the green LED
blinks rapidly.

0 Tap ^^on EWelink app.


For Android,
select the 1st one,
click next.




For IOS, select the
pairing method
according to LED
blinking way.


0 Input your WiFi SSID & password.

0 Name your device to complete.

0 When the WiFi LED is on, the device
is online. Start to control now!

Q: My device on the app stays "Offline"?

A: The new added device needs l-2min to connect
to WiFi and the Internet. If it stays offline for a
long time, please judge the problem by the green
LED status:

Green led quickly blinks one time every second:
S26 failed to connect to WiFi:

© Maybe you have entered wrong WiFi password.
© The S26 is too far away from the router, which
causes a weak WiFi signal. Please take it closer.

If still failed, try to delete and add again.

Green led quickly blinks twice every second:

S26 has connected to WiFi but failed to connect
to server. Please check your network connectivity.

Scan the right QR code to read the pairing
instructions for Amazon Echo and Google Nest.

Scan to download Scan to read the
EWelink free APP detailed user guide



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