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(l) Key Operating Instructions


(I) 1. Long press three seconds is power on off
►║  1. In wireless mode when get the calling. Short Press is answer the calls; Long Press is Refuse to listen, continuous push 2 times is redial
2. Playing: Short Press: Play/Pause;

«-  1. In Wireless/MP3 mode, Short Press: Previous;

Long Press volume -

(D In FM mode, Short Press - Previous;

Long Press volume -
 1. In Wireless/MP3 mode, Short Press: next; Long Press: volume+

2. In FM mode, Short Press: next frequency; Long Press: volume+

M  1.  Short Press to change the mode, Wireless/MP3/FM Radio

(2) LED Indicator

1. Wireless mode: pairing status blue light flashing, after pairing the blue light
slow flashing.

2. In MP3 mode the blue light will slow flashing when playing;

3. In FM mode: When listening to the radio station blue light. search radio flashing.

4. In charging mode the red light is on steadily when charging, when it’s fully charged, the red light will be off.

(3) LINE Connecting TO Audio Jack

1. Insert audio line, Go directly to the AUX LINE IN pattern, at this time for ordinary headset headphones buttons
2. Support mobile phone/iPod/MP4/MP3/CD/PC, etc

(4) Functional Parameter

1. USB charge: DC 5V 1N     2. SNR: 88 Db

3. FM Frequency: 87.5-108MHz  4. wireless distance: 10 meters

5. Frequency: 50HZ-20KHz    6. Output power: 35 mW

7. Wireless frequency: 2.401-2.480GHz    8. Charging time: 2 hours

9. Call duration: 6 hours   10. standby time: 18 hours